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2 Hour Mud and Obstacle Adventure Tour
Location: 221 Industrial Dr. Progreso Lakes, Texas 78579 | 956-998-3940
-> Activity lasts approximately 2 hours
-> Appropriate for all ages to ride as a passenger
-> Minimum 13 years old to drive an ATV
-> Cameras and video cameras are allowed
-> Reservations in advance are required
-> Goggles and Helmet are provided
-> Sightseeing Trail Ride and mudding trail
-> You will get Muddy
-> Wear comfortable clothes you don't mind getting dirty
-> It is a guided tour
-> Price is PER ATV or SXS
$199 per ATV (seats 2 people)
$249 per SXS (seats 4 people)
About The 2- Hour Tour

The 2 hour mud and obstacle ATV tour is the perfect off-roading activity for those wanting more than just sightseeing. This tour allows you to ride an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or a side by side (SXS) unit and put them through areas that are challenging and fun. There may be times where you will get stuck and a retrieval will be necessary, but all that goes with the fun of riding and being outdoors.

As with the 1-hour tour, your trail ride departs from the Texas Border Tour location and heads south to Toluca Ranch, where it is currently being used as one of the Valley's premier haunted house location. The Toluca Ranch is the perfect destination for those wanting to meet real live encounters with the paranormal. Although, during the day, we may not see anything scary or spooky but still the eerie feeling of being on the property can definitely be felt.

After the visit at Toluca Ranch and after a few selfies, we embark on our adventure by riding north through a series of trails and roads, public and private that most people don't have access to. As we head over to the big mudding area, you will get a chance to try out the articulation limits on the ATV you are riding. At times, you may feel like it will tip over, or it may feel like you are losing  your balance, but trust your riding ability and most important trust the four-wheeler or SXS. The reaction that we have received from people riding the obstacles has been overwhelmingly positive.

After a few minutes of slow and creeping along a series of naturally and man made obstacles, the tour picks up the pace and we keep heading north. We will ride for a few miles on this open terrain along a waterway that allows us to reach max speeds on our ATVs in a controlled and even environment. Most people love the thrill of speed, the roaring sound of the engine as your ATV rips the ground beneath you in a moment of acceleration. Once we get our fix of adrenaline, the trail keeps going, taking in the natural scenery around us as we ride for miles on end.

​As we make our much anticipated way to the designated mudding area, once there, your guide will let you know what areas are safe to really cut loose and enjoy the feel and thrill of mudding all within the boundaries of reason (without damaging or abusing equipment). You can expect to get really muddy and dirty so bring an extra change of clothes. The reaction from most people is disbelief that the ATVs can actually get in there and not get stuck but as you will find out, they can do some impressive things.

Once you get your fill of mudding and playing your tour continues making its way back to the starting point. With the mudding, some customers have said they had so much mud, that they even have it in their conscious (now that is a lot of mud). 

Whether it is a large group of 5 or more ATVs or a group of one ATV for two people, we can assure you that the experience will be fun and unique to you. This will be an experience that will last a life time. Give us a call and book your tour today.